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BBC archives: Pages from Ceefax - QMTV for Schools and Colleges [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Fred Harris marathon follows shortly

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BBC archives: Pages from Ceefax [Oct. 22nd, 2012|03:47 pm]
A Fred Harris marathon follows shortly


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Those mourning the imminent final demise of analogue teletext in Britain may like to take a look at this short piece on the BBC website about the similar ending of "Pages from Ceefax". I'm pleased to say that they've used an appropriate soundtrack for the most part! It also gets a point from me for having Grandad (with Clive Dunn) in the TV listings; I used to watch that quite a bit.


[User Picture]From: loganberrybunny
2012-10-22 05:09 pm (UTC)
Yes, I suspect it will. My early home internet service (1999-2003 or so) was dialup, and that now seems like an entirely different world. YouTube, for example, didn't exist until 2005, a fact which still startles me every time I realise it. That said, you and I could still have had this web-based, non-live exchange in 2001. We couldn't have done it in 1991. The really big change, I think, is definitely the coming of the (civilian) internet itself, the modern equivalent of the coming of the railways.

When I was at high school, some time around 1990, we had a history teacher from the US for a while. That was something exotic. I had a great-aunt who lived in Montreal, and I spoke to her a handful of times ever. The idea of us having this conversation across the Atlantic as a matter of course, so normal that I had no idea you were American until I looked at your LJ profile, would have seemed like science fiction.

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